Tips for Wine Storage for Your Kitchen Remodel

Tips for Wine Storage for Your Kitchen Remodel

29/06/2022 Off By Perry Irene

Wine Storage

If you’ve ever wondered how to keep the wine in the best of ways, buy wine fridge. A fantastic wine Storage is a solution. It will not only update your house, but it will also guarantee that your carefully chosen wine library gets the best care.

To get the best wine fridge, buy the models from the brands. For example, caple wine fridge is widely known and utilized. After getting one, you should know that the kitchen is the best place where you can install your fridge. When remodeling your kitchen, decide where to put the wine fridge. Popular placement options for the wine Storage in the kitchen are the following.

Kitchen cabinet

Wine coolers can be installed in a kitchen cabinet but make sure that you only consider built-in or fully integrated wine coolers for kitchen cabinets. Freestanding wine coolers are not designed to fit the built-in cooler space because ventilation will not be properly done, and it can raise the maintenance cost in the future.


Undercounter is also a great option if you’re a chef and your business is to make wine sauces and pair wines with delicious food. Moreover, if you don’t have a huge wine collection or are just interested in some flavors, under-counter will go well.

The sidewall of the entry door

If your kitchen is fully equipped and you don’t have enough space to place a wine cooler in the kitchen, then the nearest place i.e., the entry door of the kitchen is an ideal location.

Wine storage in the kitchen

Don’t confuse yourself when your brain runs out of ideas. Just consider some blogs that give you ideas on the placement of a wine Storage in the kitchen.

  1. Keep your wine collection away from vibrations: Chemical imbalances are caused by vibration that causes complex reactions in the wine and the flavor of wine ends up like vinegar that is not worth drinking.
  2. Keep your wine collection away from direct light: Uplight sources emit heat, which accelerates the aging of wine and lowers its flavor. Even heat from all the light sources can ruin the taste of wine. Choose the bulbs that emit less heat.
  3. Maintain a consistent wine’s environmental conditions: Temperature variations can harm the drink’s flavor and even the cork’s durability. Maintain a consistent range for your wine with as few variations as possible.
  4. Refrigerate your bottles: Never ever freeze the wine bottles. Just keep them chilled. wines served at room temperature cannot be fully appreciated. If you want to keep a lot of wine, a wine cooler is a great option.

The magnificent realm of wine continues to expand. Are you an ardent collector seeking a location to keep some of your prized possessions outside of your cellar? A built-in kitchen wine cooler is guaranteed to add a “wow” factor to the kitchen.

Moreover, get some advice from the experts on how to store wine and where to place a wine fridge in the kitchen. Don’t forget to read the reviews before buying any fridge.